Citizenship, patriotism and flag education is the focus of the Americanism program. Participating in patriotic celebrations, the distribution of flag codes, donations of flags to schools, organizations and institutions, "Get out the Vote" campaigns and proper flag disposal are some of the activities we encourage members to participate in.


To provide temporary emergency financial assistance to members in need, and promote awareness and knowledge of the program, fundraising strategies, and disseminating information about the application process.



To protect, care for and support children and youth, particularly those of veterans’ families and military families. Improving the quality of life for America’s youth is the central focus of this committee. There are many ways this can be accomplished by direct financial assistance, providing activities for children in the community, assisting needy families with food and clothing, distributing educational, materials on child abuse, drugs and teenage suicide. Many areas hold immunization clinics and participate in Special Olympics. In Maine, we have become increasingly involved with Maine Military Kids.


Being a supporting organization in our communities by assisting in beautification programs, working with Senior Citizens, aiding the homeless and disabled, working on cancer projects, working with local schools and other organizations are only a few of the ways to enhance the Community Service program.

Chairman: Pending

Every organization needs a set of rules to be governed by. All members should be familiar with them at all levels whether it be Unit, County, District or Department. Read them, learn them and live by them. Constitution & Bylaws should be reviewed and updated often. A copy of the Unit's Constitution & Bylaws must be on file at the Dept. Office.



The purpose of Girls State is to provide to high school Juniors across the State the opportunity to create and govern a 51st mythical state. Girls are chosen by the Units through their local school system. Consideration is given to scholastic achievements, leadership, character and honesty. They learn the duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities of American citizenship in this week-long, hands-on program in government.



To promote quality education for children and adults through classroom activities, literacy programs, scholarship promotion and support of education beyond high school, especially for military children. Plan special programs in your communities for "National Education Week."



The Department Finance Committee is charged with oversight of the general financial policy of the organization, subject to the ratification of the Department Executive Committee; and, preparation of the annual budget and supervision of the expenditures under the budget. Any and all financial requests must go through the Department Finance Committee.



To accurately record the accomplishments and significant events that occur on the Department, District and Unit level during the course of the year. Compilation of the activities and work done by the Units throughout the Year is the duty of the Historian. It is important to preserve this information for the future. The Unit History contest allows Units to showcase their achievements. At the end of the year, she should present to the President a written narrative of her Administration. Remember to keep a copy in the Unit's files.

Department Historian:


To preserve, display and share the history of the American Legion Auxiliary so we can continue to honor those members who have made significant sacrifices for our organization and build on their experiences. Cavalcade of Memories repositories also can act as a resource for members, volunteers and the general public.



To interest eligible young women (under the age of 18) in adult membership through positive experiences of mission-based volunteer opportunities that instill the ideals of the organization and to encourage and empower our youth to participate in service projects, activities and programs that serve our military veterans and their families. This Committee works with the Junior members, who will, hopefully, become active Senior members. Plan activities around special holidays and observances. Use them to assist in making favors, waiting on tables or preparing a program for The American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary dinners. Instruct them in the programs of the Auxiliary and teach them how to properly conduct meetings.



Units, Counties, Districts and Departments benefit from the leadership training provided under this program. Leadership encompasses such qualities as motivation, teamwork, using the talents of our members, maturity, initiative and a full knowledge of the programs, structure and background of our American Legion Auxiliary.


The American Legion Auxiliary works along with the American Legion to ensure that favorable issues presented to our Legislative bodies are enacted. Members are encouraged to write or call their elected representatives in support of the legislation and urge their support also. Many laws have been passed by our support and encouragement, as well as undesirable ones defeated.

Chairman: Lydia Jilek, 4 Pennell Rd., Gray, ME 04039 (576-4433) lgriffithjilek@yahoo.com


To oversee and support the nationwide effort to attract and retain a diverse, active membership and establish new units to ensure the future growth and prosperity of the organization. To promote benefits of membership in the American Legion Auxiliary and encourage district chairmen to coordinate their membership programs with units in their respective districts with the aims and purposes of the organization. This Committee is the "grassroots" of our organization. Without a solid membership; we cannot carry out the many programs that comprise the American Legion Auxiliary. We need to encourage those eligible to join our organization. Membership drives using Post rosters can be held. We need to retain those on our rolls and actively seek out new members to remain the largest women's patriotic organization in the world.




To maintain and promote a strong national defense by strengthening and supporting military servicemembers and their families. At present, the security of America is not a certainty, we must never relax our efforts in being prepared for the forces that may threaten our democracy. Working with your local officials in Civil Preparedness, crime prevention, donations to the USO, purchasing U.S. Savings Bonds, assisting victims of natural disasters and awareness of our POW/MIA issues is all part of this program.



The most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern this organization in all cases that are not in conflict with state statute, the constitution, the bylaws, or any special rules of order adopted by the organization.

Chairman: Charlotte Hagan, 9 Wolf Pond Road, Woolwich, ME 04570 (443-4277) cagagan@comcast.net


To continue in the active service of the Auxiliary women who have served as unit, district or department presidents to ensure a strong leadership future for the organization. All Past Presidents are eligible. Scholarships are offered to continue in attaining higher education. The Committee is also responsible for promoting the Auxiliary Woman of the Year.

Co- Chairman: 



To honor veterans for their service and sacrifice by promoting and educating all people of the Poppy’s history and the financial benefit realized by our nation’s veterans as a result of its distribution. Promoting public awareness and the history and the purpose of the Poppy is part of this program. Contacting schools to enter Poppy Poster contests and displaying posters in a store window enhances public awareness.



To work collaboratively with all levels of the organization to create, implement and support a proactive communications network that advances the objectives and programs of the American Legion Auxiliary and positively projects our image and programs to the general public. It is important our communities know about the programs and activities of the Units. Talk to the Editors of your local newspaper informing them of what we do. Encourage the papers to include the American Legion Auxiliary in their Community Bulletin Boards. Use TV spot announcements on up-coming activities or special affairs that are being planned. We can be found on Facebook at ALA Department ME Public Relations.



VA & R

VA & R works to demonstrate gratitude for veterans' military service to the nation by supporting veterans, military and their families. Our organization was founded in service to the veterans. This program is the umbrella over all of our VA&R programs, including VAVS, Home Service, Field Service, Maine Veterans Homes, Beals House.


VAVS (Veterans Affairs and Voluntary Service)

VAVS provides physical comfort and mental cheer to those who gave so much for their country. Dances, bingo parties, Field Day activities, picnics, ice-cream socials, etc. – activities to keep them active and entertained. Writing letters, reading to the veteran, taking veterans for walks and visiting, helps those disabled or blind. Volunteers are needed to carry out this program, and every member should be included. All Units should participate in "Adopt a Veteran" Program, whereby special remembrances at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and the veteran's birthday can be acknowledged.

Chairman: Mary Jane McLoon, P.O. Box 25, Walpole, ME 04573 (563-5316) mjmcloon@gmail.com


A Service to Veterans volunteer is one who serves in non-referral Nursing Homes, Veteran's Homes, Geriatric Day Care Centers, Foster Homes, Halfway Houses, Hospice, Veteran's Homeless Shelters, and in the Community.

Home Service volunteers do projects and work for military/veterans and/or families from their home. Activities can include sewing, cooking, crafting or shopping. It can include babysitting while a veteran attends a medical appoint; making quilts for hospitalized veterans or homeless veterans; clipping coupons for overseas; conducting computer research on a veteran's benefits from your home computer; knitting or crocheting.




The American Legion Auxiliary Christmas Gift Shop at Togus is held each year enabling the veteran to remember their loved ones at home with gifts. This program is fully funded by Units throughout the Department at no cost to the veteran.



This program provides physical comfort and mental cheer to those who gave so much for their country who now reside in one of Maine's Veterans Homes. Dances, bingo parties, Field Day activities, picnics, ice-cream socials, etc. – activities to keep them active and entertained. Writing letters, reading to the veteran, taking veterans for walks and visiting, helps those disabled or blind. Volunteers are needed to carry out this program, and every member should be included. All Units should participate in "Adopt a Veteran" Program, whereby special remembrances at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and the veteran's birthday can be acknowledged.


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The Ways and Means Committee is responsible for raising funds to help cover the cost of the annual Department Convention. Part of that task is accomplished by having a white elephant type table at the Convention each year, using items donated by members and Units. Emphasis is placed on donated items being homemade, such as crafts, jams, jellies, quilts, etc. They also hold several raffles throughout the Convention, again with donated items. Raffles may be for a hand-made quilt, 50/50, etc. Each District also prepares a "themed" raffle basket to contribute.

Chairman: Rita Doughty, 194 Morse Rd., Knox 04986 (382-6783) knoxtownnews@yahoo.com




The Beals House is located on the grounds of the Togus VA Center and provides a temporary home away from home for family members of hospitalized veterans. Funding for the House is provided through donations from veterans organizations and their auxiliaries throughout the State of Maine. Members of the Board of Directors for the Beals House are comprised of representatives of various veterans organizations and their auxiliaries as well.

Chairman- Kenda Simmons
124 Old Waterville Rd., Oakland 04963
(242-3192) kendasimmons@yahoo.com


The Long Range Planning Committee is a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide the ALA to focus its energy so that members of the organization are working toward the same goals, and to assess and adjust the organization's direction in response to an ever-changing environment.

  • (1) Year – Barbara Bondeson
    159 Station Rd., Apt. 1D, New Sweden 04762
    (896-5555) bbondeson@maine.rr.com
  • (1) Year – Nanette Redmond
    1876 Dexter Rd., Dover-Foxcroft 04426
  • (2) Years – Charlotte Doyle
    111 Ridge Rd., Bath 04530
    (443-8816) wingkittie@comcast.net
  • (2) Years – Michelle McRae
    886B Kennedy Memorial Dr., Oakland 04963
    (465-4966 Opt. 1) aladeptsecme1@myfairpoint.net
  • (3) Years – Dora Michaud
    73 High St., Oakland 04963
    (465-9365) dorammichaud@gmail.com
  • (3) Years – Charlotte Hagan
    9 Wolf Pd. Rd., Woolwich
    (443-4277) cahagan@comcast.net

Co-Chair– Dawn Dreyer
3 Cobb St., Bath 04530  
(442-8733; c: 841-5144) dawn_dreyer@comcast.net

Co-Chair– Marian Merrill
90 Sands Rd., Naples 04055  
(693-6016) mxmerrill@roadrunner.com


Develop, implement, and monitor activities that assist homeless veterans through the Togus VA Center. Participate in and provide volunteer service, free goods or service like haircuts or comfort items and monetary support to the annual Homeless Veterans Standdown. An additional project for homeless veterans are housewarming baskets that Units donate which include items for a homeless veteran to get started in a new home and include such things as a broom, mop, dish towel/clothes, dish detergent, trash bags, etc.

Chairman– Sis Littlefield
P.O. Box 408 Naples 04055

Chairman– Kathy O’Neil
1 Fish Tale Ln., Bridgton 04009


The Maine American Legion Auxiliary, in coordination with The American Legion, is a strong supporter of Maine Special Olympics. Monetary donations are raised to help Special Olympics provide services to Maine Olympians at their Summer Games held at the University of Maine at Orono and the Winter Games held at Sugarloaf USA. Separate donations are also donated for Camp Tall Pines, a summer camp for Olympians, located in Poland, Maine. Maine Auxiliary members also contribute items for the Camp's cabins, such as paper towels, dish detergent, utensils, trash bags, etc.

Camp Lawroweld is located in Weld, Maine and provides a camping experience for the blind. The Maine American Legion Auxiliary has supported the Camp for over 30 years through monetary donations.

Chairman– Charlotte Doyle
11 Ridge Rd., Bath 04530
(443-8816) wingkittie@comcast.net


Chairman– Nita J. Tupper
72 Kenney Field Dr., Boothbay Harbor 04538
(841-1700) nitajtupper@gmail.com